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About Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center

The teeth and jaw are vital for your overall health. When there are issues with the alignment of the teeth and jaw joint, it can impact your breathing, dental health, sleep and comfort. At Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center, we offer treatment for TMJ and sleep disorders that are related to jaw and bite misalignment. Dr. Bob Perkins is one of the leading experts in the treatment of TMJ disorders, offering relief for patients who have tried every type of TMJ treatment available without success.

Dr. Bob Perkins is an experienced dentist who has advanced training in orthodontics and TMJ disorders. He has spent over 30 years practicing as a dentist in Southern California. His focus has been on relieving the discomfort of TMJ and sleep disorders like sleep apnea for his patients, giving them back their lives and health.

Cutting-Edge TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are common, manifesting in a plethora of symptoms that can impact a person’s wellness. Jaw pain, headaches, jaw dysfunction, ear ringing, dizziness and neck pain are all possible symptoms. Many people with TMJ disorders also may experience sleep dysfunction – mouth breathing, snoring and sleep apnea may be related to the TMJ disorder. At Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center, Dr. Perkins and our team offer advanced diagnosis and treatment to permanently relieve TMJ and sleep disorders through jaw and bite adjustment.

Relieving stress on the jaw joint through bite manipulation is the key to relieving most cases of TMJ disorders. Dr. Perkins has a precise method that he uses to measure the bite of the jaw to determine if a patient has a detracted lower jaw that is putting too much stress on the jaw joint and jaw muscles. His treatment can permanently relieve the symptoms causes by a misaligned jaw and improve the overall health of his patients.

If you are suffering from TMJ Symptoms or you know have a TMJ disorder that is impacting your health and quality of life, Dr. Bob Perkins at Southern California TMJ and Sleep Center is your source for effective treatment. Contact us at our Malibu, Los Angeles, or West Hollywood office to schedule your consultation today.

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