What Is an AuraLyft?

Published on: September 27, 2018 (Last modified on: October 6, 2023)
woman with smooth skin after auralyft

Not all facelifts are the same, especially when it comes to natural results. Different techniques and the experience level of the plastic surgeon can greatly impact the outcome of a facelift. One of the most desirable and sought-after facelifts is one that is gaining popularity for men and women of all ages. Known as “Hollywood’s Secret Facelift,” the AuraLyft offers stunning results that look so natural that it is hard to believe it is obtained through plastic surgery.

This specialized facelift procedure goes deeper than just tightening the skin and facial tissue. Traditional facelifts remove sagging skin and pull the skin up to reduce the sagging around the lower cheeks, jowls and in the neck area. However, many facelifts can look unnatural. The patient’s face can look stretched and facial movement can be changed. While one person may have exceptional results, another person getting the same procedure from the same plastic surgeon may look artificial.

Auralyft – natural look

With the AuraLyft, a specialized technique is used to elevate the muscles in the face at a deep place level. The muscles are moved upward, starting from the brow and working down to the neck. Not only does this technique create natural results that do not create a stretched or pulled look on the face, the recovery is quicker. AuraLyft can be done only using local anesthesia, making it quicker and less invasive than other types of facelifts. Plus, the results can be duplicated consistently, making it a desirable option for those wanting to have a more youthful, but natural, appearance.

If you have wished to look like your younger self, but are afraid of looking unnatural with a traditional facelift, the AuraLyft procedure might to the best option for you. Only a few plastic surgeons can perform this specialized surgery, but it is worth the effort and investment to get the best option available for natural, stunning results.

AuraLyft Age Rejuvenation procedure

There are limits with all cosmetic procedures; however, AuraLyft is a real game-changer when it comes to treating both younger and older patients. The quality of outcomes for patients who attend plastic surgeon offices for treatment using AuraLyft are similar across the board, regardless of age or gender. If you want to make dramatic changes while retaining the function of facial expressions, AuraLyft may present the perfect solution.

The entire neck is treatable with AuraLyft. Other areas that are popular with patients include the jawline, cheeks, below the eyes and the usually challenging temporal areas. One of the major benefits of AuraLyft is that the procedure does not smooth out skin by making it appear stretched or pulled, so patients don’t look like they have had work carried out.

AuraLyft is a Standalone Treatment

Patients who are suitable candidates for AuraLyft are in for further good news, as plastic surgeon does not need to use combination treatments to deliver individualized results. AuraLyft relies only on the manipulation of the patient’s own tissues to achieve excellence in outcomes. That means no Botox, dermal fillers or other surgeries combined to achieve subtle results.

This is a treatment that turns back the clock on aging without leaving patients with frozen facial expressions. The results are long-lasting and so impressive that families and friends have a hard time believing they are looking at the same person. There simply is no other treatment on the market that offers the same benefits as AuraLyft.

Patients who wish to explore the potential of AuraLyft will benefit from a consultation with Dr. Ben Talei and his team. This is your chance to achieve the perfect aesthetic results from a revolutionary procedure, carried out by a world-class plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to look decades younger? Well, now you can. AuraLyft is one of the most innovative treatment options available anywhere in the world for facial and neck rejuvenation. The results speak for themselves when you trust your care to top rated plastic surgeons!

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