Facial Mole Removal

Many people have moles on their face. While some people like Cindy Crawford embrace their moles as one of their unique features, others may wish for their moles to disappear for good. If you have a facial mole that causes you embarrassment or you are concerned with possible skin cancer, it is possible to have a mole removed for your own peace of mind.

One of the concerns about having a facial mole removed is that it will leave a scar. Although you may not like the appearance of your mole, the thought of a scar on your face is not appealing either. However, advances in cosmetic surgery make it possible to have a mole removed with little evidence left behind that you ever had a mole or underwent cosmetic surgery.

Moles removed in a doctor’s office for medical purposes will often leave a scar. Little attention is paid to what the skin appearance will be after the mole is removed. However, an experienced facial plastic surgeon can use advanced techniques to remove moles and leave very little scar tissue behind. Although some scar tissue is always present when a portion of skin is removed, it is possible to make it almost undetectable when the right methods are used with the aesthetic results kept in mind.

If you have been living with a facial mole that you wish would vanish, consult a local plastic surgeon. It is important to choose an experienced surgeon that is an expert in reducing scarring in facial mole removal. With the right plastic surgeon, your face can be mole-free without the tell-tale scars left behind after your procedure.

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