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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms

Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms include abdominal pain and discomfort, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. There are a number of factors that cause IBS in a large number of people. Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta (WMSOA) offers proven treatments for IBS that are natural, safe and non-toxic. At the holistic medical clinic of Dr. Bradley Bongiovanni finding the cause of your symptoms is the primary focus of personalized care. Factors like food sensitivity, hormone imbalance, excessive stress and anxiety, an imbalance in bacterial/yeast levels of the intestines commonly play a role in IBS.

Living with irritable bowel syndrome symptoms can be challenging. The dedicated staff at WMSOA does not believe there is one single way to treat an issue like irritable bowel syndrome.

This naturopathic practice combines exceptional patient care, progressive natural medicines, and pioneering laboratory assessments to uncover the reason patients suffer from IBS and effective ways to treat and eliminate the bothersome symptoms.

Atlanta Irritable Bowel Treatment

You will find effective and innovative Atlanta irritable blow treatment at WMSOA. If you have lived with IBS long enough, call the holistic medical clinic of Dr. Bradley Bongiovanni. Treatment plans for irritable bowel symptom is different for every patient. Dr. Bongiovanni prescribes individualized treatment plans based on the cause of the IBS in each patient. Some treatment plans may include the use of probiotics to increase the growth of good bacteria that may be missing from your digestive tract.

Irritable Bowel Alternative Medical Treatments

If you are seeking relief from IBS and are interested in irritable bowel alternative medical treatments, call Wholistic Medicine Specialists of Atlanta today. Dr. Bongiovanni provides high quality holistic medical treatments for patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and many other medical related issues. Contact our office today for personalized care and exceptional holistic health and wellness assistance.