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Azure Dental

Call (817) 809-4445 for a comfortable, modern office with great amenities!

Welcome to the vibrant, family-friendly atmosphere at Azure Dental where your comfort and oral health are our top priorities. Dr. Aditi Shah and her team of dental professionals are highly skilled in all aspects of general dentistry. Their skills also include experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry to get your mouth in its best shape and restore a beautiful smile.

At Azure Dental we believe that a healthy body begins with a healthy mouth. We take a holistic view of dentistry because your general health is dependent upon your oral health. Our comprehensive dental services ensure that no matter what state your mouth is in when you have your first visit with us, we will get you on the road to complete oral health.

You will find Azure Dental to be a modern dental office with cutting edge tools and techniques to make your visit productive, efficient and comfortable. Advancements in dental technology allow for a more pleasant experience, because procedures can be carried out with less discomfort and anxiety than in the past. Enjoy your visit with us as you embark on the journey to your optimum oral health.

Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

All ages are welcome at Azure Dental. We provide dental services for the little one whose first tooth just made an appearance, great grandparents who need their annual oral exam and everyone in between. Azure Dental is family-friendly. We also provide cosmetic dentistry, for those who want to enhance their smile or just get their teeth brighter and whiter. For people who are experiencing the frustration of missing teeth, we have restorative dentistry including implant placement.

Your general health and overall well-being start with oral health. Come to Azure Dental and find out how healthy you really are.