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Dr. C Family Dentistry

Call (509) 591-9317 to schedule a family dental appointment!

Keeping up your oral health is that much easier when you have a dentist in whom you can place your trust. Feeling good about your dental care and knowing that your dentist is always going to steer you in the right direction is important. At Dr. C Family Dentistry, you will find a caring compassionate team of dental professionals dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain your optimal oral health. We welcome all your family members from the smallest one with that first baby tooth to the eldest seeking dentures or bridges. Each member is treated with respect and compassion, which may seem to be in short supply these days but abounds here at Dr. C Family Dentistry.

You will find our office is different from the moment of your first encounter with us. Your comfort and oral health are our main priorities. We offer a full array of general dental services to meet all your oral needs. Comprehensive dental exams give us a baseline for determining your dental care. Professional cleanings get your teeth feeling and looking great. Cosmetic dentistry offerings will get your smile looking just the way you want it to look. Our preventative practices keep your smile healthy and bright while our restorative treatments get your smile looking whole and complete again. Early diagnosis of potential or existing oral problems prevents issues from becoming severe and getting painfully out of hand.

Scheduling is another part of Dr. C Family Dentistry that you will come to appreciate. We offer same day dentistry for people who have a difficult time making advance appointments. We also help larger families with our family block appointments. We have easy check in and check out and with our efficient scheduling, we are committed to respecting your time. For the best dentistry in the Spokane Valley area, call Dr. C Family Dentistry.