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Embrace Dental Care

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Oral health care is an important part of everyday life. At Embrace Dental Care, we believe that great oral health care requires a logical approach. When you visit the dentist, your needs should be fully assessed before any treatment is recommended. The approach that Dr. Adeniran has fostered is aimed at ensuring our patients receive treatment that eliminates the need for unnecessary repeat dental work. Our entire team is committed to this philosophy, which is why you will never receive treatments that will do more damage than good.

While our primary focus is ensuring that your teeth and gums remain healthy and strong, we also focus on your overall health. Part of that commitment includes providing oral cancer screenings to our patients as part of your comprehensive treatment schedule. Oral cancers are notoriously difficult to detect in the early stage, which is the most critical time for increasing survival rates. Dr. Adeniran is proud to provide oral cancer screening to our patients, so you have an early warning should cancerous tissue develop in your mouth or neck.

Family Friendly Dentist in Florence, KY

Good oral health care is typically a family affair. Embrace Dental Care provides dentistry services to suit all the family – including babies, teens, and adults. We will help you instill a sense of pride in your little ones’ smiles, so they grow up practicing only the most effective methods of oral hygiene and care. For both teens and adults, we provide Invisalign aligners or Six Month Smiles to help straighten and realign teeth. These nearly invisible devices are revolutionizing the way people perceive orthodontics.

If you need urgent dental care, Embrace Dental Care is on hand to help. We will try to provide you with an appointment as quickly as possible. True to our ethos of providing long-lasting dentistry solutions, we will not do a patch job even when the appointment is on short notice.

If you are looking for a family dentist in Florence, Kentucky, reach out to Embrace Dental Care and arrange an initial appointment. We look forward to welcoming you to our family practice.