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About Whybrew Medical Management and Health Care Consulting

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Combining decades of experience in developing unique strategies and workable solutions for private and hospital-owned physician practices, medical groups and hospitals, Whybrew Medical Management specializes in ongoing advisory and consulting services, including project-specific solutions.

Given his knowledge of current health care economics and the dynamics of business operations, Chris Whybrew of Whybrew Medical Management works alongside practices and hospital organizations, strengthening decision making and improving operations on the business side of medicine with skillful planning. From finances and internal mechanisms to capitation plans, staffing, personnel policies, overhead, fee schedules, reimbursement, coding, billing, collection and compliance, every aspect of practice workflow is considered. In addition, specialized interim management support is provided at executive and administrative levels when needed.

Physician Practice Risk Management and Strategic Planning

Because risks are prevalent throughout the health care industry, effective monitoring of those risks is a priority. Whybrew Medical Management offers planning and risk management services for private and hospital-owned physician practices so that they can focus on providing optimal patient care and healing.

We understand that effective risk management requires an ongoing awareness of federal regulations and existing and future policies that will impact the health care industry, including physician practices and medical groups. Comprehensive planning is necessary to minimize the risks of an event or incident, and to ensure that organizations are adequately prepared. In regards to business operations, we continuously assess patient encounters, including finances, insurance and claims management.

Whybrew Medical Management remains proactive in determining and measuring organization-specific and patient-specific risks, promoting strong communication among physicians and staff, and performing competency assessments.

Advisory Services, Growth and Development

With the goal of supporting and improving private and hospital-owned physician practices, medical groups and hospitals, Whybrew Medical Management advises on organizational components that will produce sustainable growth, even in the midst of health care reform. As such, we review compensation arrangements, physician employment agreements and leasing contracts. We also provide insight regarding accreditation, joint venture development, medical practice appraisals and more. Leveraging state of the art technologies and feasibility data, we provide instruction to practices and hospitals on how to meet the needs of employees and patients, as they relate to location and patient demographics.

Working collaboratively with private and hospital-owned medical practices, Whybrew Medical Management leads facilities in the development of new services, some of which include chronic care and transitional care management, and diagnostic, therapeutic and custodial services. Moreover, we design customized contingency search services for physician practices seeking key candidates to drive success and growth, as well as for physicians looking for new opportunities.

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