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Marvin Village Dentistry

Call (704) 579-5513 to schedule an appointment for you or a family member!

The service and amenities at Marvin Village Dentistry are the best available in Charlotte, North Carolina. This unique practice is led by Dr. Ginger Walford and a team of experienced dental professionals. At Marvin Village Dentistry our focus is on providing a full range of dental services in a luxurious setting, while ensuring that treatment is affordable for families. The building itself is located in “The Fountains” shopping center, making it convenient for families who have busy schedules.

Marvin Village Dentistry knows how difficult it is for families to juggle various commitments, so we have put a number of mechanisms in place to accommodate our patients. Family block appointments, same day appointments, and emergency dentistry are just some of the ways we can help our patients find the time for oral health maintenance. We also gather as much relevant information from our patients as we can, so we can better understand the challenges that our families facing.

Marvin Village Dentistry and Children

As families are at the heart of our practice, we have pulled out all the stops when it comes to the treatment and education of children. Our team members are sensitive to the worries and concerns of children, and are able to reassure kids and make them feel relaxed. Another aspect of the Marvin Village Dentistry experience for children is the level of education that they receive about oral health and hygiene. Marvin Village Dentistry children play an active role in their oral health, and can even teach the adults a thing or two.

Children who visit Marvin Village Dentistry are more likely to proactively follow good oral health practices, and less likely to suffer from anxiety during dental appointments. All of which is part of the systematic and friendly approach that our team takes to oral health.