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Red Oak Family Dentistry

Call (469) 209-4279 for gentle dental, orthodontic and cosmetic care in a relaxing environment!

At Red Oak Family Dentistry, we offer the highest level of dental and orthodontic care in the McKinney, Texas area. We offer all of our patients a relaxed and comfortable environment and always use gentle dentistry methods to enhance the experience. Our office uses the most advanced and innovative dental equipment to ensure complete oral health and to also ensure that our patients are always comfortable. We strive to have patients receive dental care without experiencing any fear or anxiety.

We understand that everyone has busy lives and many commitments, and therefore Red Oak Family Dentistry offers extended hours for dental appointments. Our office offers early morning appointments and continues through early evening appointments. We also offer flexible scheduling in order to make life easier for you. Additionally, we offer family block appointments so that your entire family can have their dental needs taken care of at the same time!

Red Oak Family Dentistry offer multiple dental services for children and adults. In addition to our basic preventative care, which includes routine dental exams and cleanings, we also offer cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic care. Cosmetic dentistry can include teeth whitening, dental implants and cosmetic crowns and bridges. The orthodontic care we offer includes braces for children, teenagers and adults, Invisalign and we offer a wide variety of dental appliances.

Oral health is necessary for a foundation of overall health and wellbeing. No one should be fearful of going to the dentist and with our philosophy of gentle dentistry, you will find that to be true Red Oak Family Dentistry. All of our dental services and procedures are performed with the latest technology which helps make dental care quicker and less invasive. Our professional team is personable, knowledgeable and experienced and we take pride in offering the best dental and orthodontic services to the McKinney, Texas area.