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Southern Dental Group of Munford

Call (901) 837-6868 for painless dentistry in a warm, relaxing dentist office!

When you are looking for a dentist, you have certain requirements in mind. You will find all those requirements met in the dental team at Southern Dental Group of Munford. Here you will experience a high level of excellence, both in skill and patient care. Your comfort and oral health are top priorities for us. We want each of our patients to feel relaxed and comfortable while undergoing dental procedures.

Kindness and compassion are in abundance at Southern Dental Group. When you first come to our office you will be greeted with warm, friendly smiles. The professionalism and graciousness with which we conduct our practice will be a welcome difference to what you usually find in the world today.

You may not realize how your general health is intertwined with your oral health. At Southern Dental Group, we do, so your best oral health is a top priority for us. We provide all the general dental services you will need to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth free of problems. In addition to those services, we also provide cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry.

Some people avoid the dentist because they have great anxiety about going to the dental office. We do not want anyone to miss out on oral health. For those who need extra help to relax, we offer sedation dentistry. You will experience a gentle sense of serenity with oral conscious sedation. Nitrous Oxide takes the edge off anxiety and puts you in a pleasant state of relaxation.

We are interested in getting to know our patients and we care about your goals for your dental health. Let us help you reach those goals. Whether you desire to re-make your smile completely with porcelain veneers, or you just want a dental checkup to make sure your teeth are still in good shape, we have you covered. If you have spaces where teeth used to be, and you want to fill these spaces, we can do that beautifully. Make an appointment with us and let us know your wishes. We will help you get the healthy smile you want.