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Sycamore Hills Dentistry

Call (260) 213-4400 for affordable dental care in a warm, caring environment!

The dental care that you want and the dental care that you need are two entirely different things. Sycamore Hills Dentistry practices ethical dentistry, so you will always receive the most suitable treatment to restore your oral health to excellent condition. An examination at Sycamore Hills Dentistry involves cutting edge technology and processes, not used anywhere else in Fort Wayne. Our efficient dental practices ensure that you receive the highest quality treatments with minimal impact on your budget.

Sycamore Hills Dentistry is staffed by a team of compassionate, dental professionals. While our primary focus is on your oral health, your sense of well-being is important to us, too. We want you to feel comfortable when you visit our offices, which is why we provide our patients with a number of amenities to help you feel relaxed. Families love Sycamore Hills Dentistry because we have created an environment that is ideal for excellence in oral healthcare for all age groups.

Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

Your entire family will benefit from signing up with Sycamore Hills Dentistry. With a team committed to your family’s well-being, you will receive treatment that is unsurpassed in the Fort Wayne area. We have various cosmetic and implant dentistry options available. Whether you or your little one has damaged a tooth in an accident, we can provide treatment that will help you smile again.

Cosmetic and implant dentistry requires a skilled, knowledgeable dentist. At Sycamore Hills Dentistry we have the latest technologies at our disposal, so you will always receive treatment aimed towards preventing serious issues from sneaking up on you. We can provide you with fewer appointment, appropriate treatments, and a reduced likelihood of you or your family suffering from serious oral health issues. Speak to a member of the Sycamore Hills Dentistry team today, and you will see why Fort Wayne residents are choosing us as their family dentist.