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Touchstone Dentistry - Dickinson, TX

Call (832) 769-5202 to make an appointment for complete dentistry in a caring dentist office!

Touchstone Dentistry strives to be unlike other dental practices you may have experienced before. From the moment you walk through our doors, you will realize that we do things differently around here. We take the time to get to know our patients on a personal level because we want to establish a relationship that is built upon trust. It takes a lot of confidence to trust your oral health to someone, and Dr. Agee Kunjumon does not take that lightly. We call our patients after each visit to make sure that they are doing all right and that they were pleased with the service and care that they received.

Dr. Kunjumon underwent orthodontic treatment and oral surgery as a young adult in order to correct his smile. It was during these times that his passion for dentistry began to develop, and more than 17 years later of practicing dentistry he still loves what he does. Dr. Kunjumon has earned numerous accreditations and Professional Memberships for his outstanding dental expertise. He leads Touchstone Dentistry with the passion that allows him to help patients achieve the smile that they have always wanted.

Comfortable Dental Care

If you have been putting off visiting the dentist because of fear or anxiety, please know that you are not alone. Children, young adults, and seniors can all be affected by dental anxiety – especially if they have experienced an unpleasant dental procedure in the past. At Touchstone Dentistry we have a number of ways in which we may our patients feel comfortable and at ease the moment they step through our doors. We have TVs in every room to offer a distraction during dental cleanings and procedures. We offer patients complimentary beverages, pillows and blankets, and warm scented towels for an aromatic and therapeutic experience. There is a kids’ play area set up with video games, toys, and books to occupy our young visitors and help them relax before their appointment.

Touchstone Dentistry also offers nitrous oxide for patients whose nerves need a little more cajoling to relax. Nitrous oxide (commonly referred to as “laughing gas”) works quickly and effectively to provide euphoric effects that deter patients from being aware that a dental procedure is occurring.

Don’t let fear or anxieties keep you from achieving a healthy and beautiful smile. Visit Touchstone Dentistry today and let Dr. Agee Kunjumon introduce you to a new way to do dental care.