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Wasilla AK Chipped Tooth Repair

Your agenda can come to a screeching halt when you chip or break a tooth. The incident can be painful, but it can also threaten your smile appearance. At Lane Family Dental, we understand that patients need prompt and beautiful repair when their teeth suffer damage. Our office is equipped to offer a full range of dental services, including those in general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, you can rest assured that your chipped tooth repair will include solutions that rebuild the integrity and health of your tooth as well as restore its aesthetics. Dr. Jason Lane has helped countless smiles in the Wasilla area, from children to aging adults.

Not all dental chips and cracks will produce symptoms. While you may be tempted to put off your chipped tooth repair, we urge patients to seek treatment as soon as possible. When the outer protective layer of your tooth (enamel) is compromised, you become more vulnerable to decay and infection. To help you avoid more costly and invasive treatments for your damaged tooth, call Lane Family Dental today. Dr. Lane sees patients on a same-day basis, and we proudly offer emergency dental care at our Wasilla office.

Whether we repair your chipped tooth with dental bonding or place a custom crown to restore your broken tooth, you can trust Dr. Lane for a seamless restoration and comfortable experience. Our office goes above and beyond to help patients relax. Enjoy complimentary beverages, WiFi, warm blankets, scented towels and massaging dental chairs. We like to pamper our patients while we address their dental needs.

Is your chipped tooth causing irritation to your gums or cheek? Perhaps you have a cracked tooth that has become sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. Regardless of the severity of your tooth damage, we can help you at Lane Family Dental. We offer services ranging from preventive cleanings and gum disease therapy to advanced orthodontics and dental implants. In one easy location, we can keep your smile in top condition for life.

Call today to make your appointment with Dr. Lane for chipped tooth repair. If you need help financing your dental treatments, please ask us about our insurance acceptance and flexible payment options.